Every day, millions of Malaysians commute to work. And every day, they are stuck at tollbooths.
Even when we use electronic toll collection to avoid the problems of physical payment, there were
still issues. Drivers faced new problems: misplaced cards, poor card reader signals, low credit in their
cards, and more went unnoticed until it was too late. People were still stuck at tollbooths waiting for
payment to go through. That is why we came up with LOKATAG as the solution.

LOKATAG is our upgraded smart toll payment system. It is a built-in toll reader which makes it
easier for electronic toll readers to detect at tollbooths so that you can enjoy safe and seamless
rides all the way. And as it is automotive-grade compliant, it is completely legal to use on the road
and fully compatible with all vehicle models as well as Malaysia’s nationwide Electronic Toll
Collection (ETC) system.

LOKATAG comes with features made to give you a smoother ride through electronic tollbooths. The
improved performance and reliability of its built-in toll reader allow tolls to detect your card from a
distance, making your payment as you drive. This allows you to drive through smoothly without
having to pause to make sure the card reader can detect your card, letting you be on your way

Additionally, our LOKATAG card holder comes with useful built-in features for your convenience
when managing your card. No battery replacement is needed. It is plugged into your vehicle, so you
no longer have to worry that it will run out of power when you need it. It is also secure against theft,
letting you install it worry-free.

LOKATAG is also capable of detecting whether it has a card in it, and is sophisticated enough to
detect the amount of credit available in the card. When a card in LOKATAG is at a low credit amount
below RM10, it gives off an alert for the user, letting you know whether you have enough credit
stored for your journey.

With these technological innovations, LOKATAG is made to safely store your cashless card and make
sure that it will be read, while simultaneously helping you to avoid making mistakes driving through
tollbooths. The result is that you will be able to travel through tolls smoothly, avoiding all the stress
that comes from mistakes and waiting.

If you would like to enjoy safe and seamless rides all the way with LOKATAG, you can contact us for a
consultation at 03-5632 6788.

If you would like to learn more about the features of LOKATAG, check out our product page: